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After years of tests that showed nothing, we were finally sent to an internal specialist and Violet was diagnosed with IBD. Violet was very inactive and appeared to be uncomfortable. We continued to struggle with different diets and near the end of 2016 I became tired of the medical consensus that if she isn’t vomiting or having diarrhea then she is stable and it may be the best she ever gets. After learning about fecal transplants I was referred to Dr. Caputo. We found her just in time. Violet took a turn for the worse and wasn’t able to maintain her weight. She dropped almost 1lb from her already low 9.5lbs. After several weeks of ozone treatments Violet had her first transplant, mid December 2016. The most surprising effect was that she had some vaginitis that I was constantly treating; it had seemed unrelated but within 48 hours of the transplant it cleared up completely and still has not returned. The rest of her symptoms cleared over the next week and she began to regain some weight. We continued ozone every other week and had many good days over the next 9 months… until a neighbor threw a hot dog in our back yard. After another rapid decline Violet received her second fecal transplant. Her severe symptoms cleared within a 48-72 hours and she stabilized over the next 7-10 days. We still continue the ozone treatments every other week. I am very impressed with the results from both transplants and very happy with the supplements and treatments that we get from Dr. Caputo. I wish, that when Violet was a puppy, I had known what I know now. So much of her discomfort could have been avoided with an early holistic approach to her care.


Benji (rescue name) Taylor (given name) Gould (grateful last name) was adopted off from a Tampa dog rescue agency, Heidi’s Legacy (HL). The story behind Benji is that he was thrown out a truck window in a small rural south Florida town where he survived off trash and whatever else he could find to eat. Once rescued by Miss Suzanne (our hero) with Heidi’s Legacy, she began the process of giving Benji the life he so deserved. After several months of training and making him adoptable, Jill and Cary Gould became the luckiest owners of a 5 month old (approximately) Wheaten Terrier Mix, Benji Taylor Gould. Within several months the newly owned puppy was socialized and certified by Project Pup and the AKC (Canine Good Citizen). He was now able to wear neck ties and “give love” to those in need. He began his Pet Therapy career at Arden Court an Alzheimer Assisted Living Facility and his resume continued to build by going to various nursing homes, Children’s Camps, fund raisers, St. Joseph’s Children Hospital, making special request visits, Schools, Hospice and unfortunately funerals. At age 9 Benji became ill with a rare autoimmune disease in which is currently controlled by great pet care (Eastern and Western Medicine). After being diagnosed, we were not sure if Benjis life span would be shortened or even if he would ever work again. We were so happy when we discovered, Dr. Caputo (our other Hero in this story) with Pet Health Alternatives. She is always available and is a big reason why the disease is now kept under control. Thanks to Dr. Caputo’s care, Benji at age 12, runs a mile daily next to a bicycle, does Pet Therapy twice a week and is a thriving adult puppy!!

Jill and Cary Gould


Bella, who is a Shih-Tzu Bichon mix, was diagnosed with soft tissue cancer in her hind leg at the age of 5. We made the decision to amputate her leg and to proceed with chemo. Soon after her recovery we discovered Dr Caputo and she has been amazing to say the least. She comes to our house at least once a month and does acupuncture and ozone therapy on her and gives her adequin and B-12 shots. Bella loves the therapy and we do also. as we know we are giving her the best care possible. We really have grown to love Dr Caputo’s philosophy on mixing Eastern & Western medicine when treating Bella. We’re happy to report Bella is doing great at 8 years old, is cancer free and has tons of energy. We are so glad we found Dr Caputo as you can tell she loves what she does and really cares about her patients. Her and Bella have quite a close relationship!  We highly recommend Dr Caputo for your pet…and so does Bella. :)


Dr Cheryl has been caring for my menagerie of pets about seven years. Recently my 11 yr old dog had a slipped disc. When it first happened I thought he was done for and I was going to have to put him down. I got in touch with Cheryl right away and she came over for an emergency care visit.  She came several times and did acupuncture treatments and cold laser.  She even left her cold laser with me so I could treat him daily.  We got him on some natural supplements and now he is doing better than he was before his injury occurred. Cheryl is very attentive with my animals and has a gentle touch. They love her! I love that she makes house visits, it is very convenient for my busy schedule.  

Ginger Rodeghero


Gigi is my little baby who I've had since she's 8 weeks old. She picked me out as her mom after I lost my bichon. Gigi is great at putting families together, she picked out her sister Luckie over 9 years ago. Both are two wonder Shih Tzus. In May Gigi was diagnosed with a mass on her spleen. Dr. Geagan at West Lake Animal hospital did emergency surgery. The mass was benign. I was not going to loose my baby. I decided to do alternative medicine. I was so lucky to find Dr. Caputo.  Dr. Caputo is very compassionate with Gigi, and is so wonderful to Luckie who comes to every appointment! Gigi has been getting Ozone therapy since May, and has had acupuncture and is on herbs. Gigi is comfortable with Dr. Caputo, and is never scared when she sees her. Gigi's energy level has been great. I bless every day for keeping my baby in good health for me. If you have pets that have the dreaded disease, Dr. Caputo is the only one I would trust! She's great!.

Sandy Saposnick


For me, the thing that separates Dr. Caputo out from other veterinarians is not just her holistic approach of pet healthcare but how much she actually cares about each individual pet. I have seen this in the extra work and study she will do to determine the best very course of treatment for both my dogs. Ben, my nine-year-old Golden Retriever, loves nothing better than to chase and retrieve a ball. Unfortunately, he has severe arthritis in his back which was making it more and more difficult for him to get up from a resting position. Dr. Caputo advised a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbs to get the energy flowing in his back and to make his hind quarter stronger. After the first week or two the improvement was very noticeable as he was able to get up with much less effort! If you want a vet who will care as much about your pet as you do, Dr. Caputo’s the way to go. And your pet will thank you for it!

Maureen O’Keefe


Bootsie got sick right before Christmas in 2015. Our current vet at the time seemed very apathetic about her chances and the only option he gave us was a treatment plan where just one treatment alone was $2,000. So obviously we needed to look for other options. My Dad works with alternative human medicine doctors so he had some leads on alternative vets which led us to
you, Dr. Caputo. From the first meeting, we felt a silver lining in the dark clouds. We could give Bootsie affordable treatment that wouldn't be uncomfortable to her and hopefully extended her life. Which is what we did despite her kidney
issues she was able to keep going for 7 more months. And she was really happy and very close to normal the majority of the time. We were able to really enjoy our time with her and though it was bittersweet when her kidneys did fail we knew we had done all that we could for her. I don't regret giving her and us a chance to enjoy more time together and I appreciate the wonderful treatment
you gave her.

Katie and Sam Bowen


I have an 14 yr old dog Black and Tan Coonhound.  He is diabetic, takes four insulin shots a day has Neuropathy, tumor in his spleen, blind, old dog syndrome .  Due to the old dog syndrome and unable to get up developed a bed sore on his hip.  He was being treated for the sore but was not healing and did not think he would ever heal.  It was suggested that ozone therapy could help him and that was how we came to know Dr. Caputo.  A god send for our precious Brutus.  We had been prepared that he may not survive this.  The sore  was about the size of a silver dollar and down to the bone.  We had high hopes that this would work.  He received his first treatment and one week later to our amazement  was starting to heal.  Each week from then on he got better .  We used olive oil infused with ozone at home on a daily bases.  Half way through his treatment he fell on his hip and reopened what was healing just a minor set back. Each week you could see major improvement.  We did this for five weeks and the dog that was not suppose to heal was healed.  I can not say enough about Dr. Caputo and the service she provides.  She was always happy and had a smile on her face.  Thank you so much for healing my old dog.

Malcolm, Debbie and Brutus McHoul 


About 10 years ago, I was going through a very difficult time in life, having just lost my husband.  Dr. Caputo helped me to find the little guy who would bring my heart back to center.  Once I saw the photo of Fritz, I knew it was a perfect match.  Her husband drove Fritz from southern Virginia to me in Washington, DC.  It was love at first sight.

In the following years… Dr. Caputo continued to show her love and care for Fritz, using homeopathic supplements and whatever else was needed to help him   When ever I had a problem with Fritz, she was there for me with personal consultations and important decisions to guide me with what path to take.  She is an expert at reading all lab results, X-rays, etc.

Fritz was a very special part of my life and I want to thank Dr. Caputo for her wisdom and long standing technical expertise with Fritz - a happy and loving cat.  Not just a cat, but part of my family.  He would look up at me with true love and squint his eyes like cats do when they love you.

I don't know what I would do without Dr. Caputo!!

Thanks so much!
Elaine Campion

Hinata Tom

Don't you think it's true that you tend to appreciate more what you struggle to keep?  Our story begins with our son who has struggled a lot with depression after doing 2 tours of duty in Iraq during the Iraq War.  As a Corpsman for the Marines in Fallujah, Iraq, he saw a lot of what no one should have to see.

One day, my husband had a genius idea of getting him a cat, so we visited the local pet store that sells rescue cats and got a brother/sister pair that had been rescued from a storm drain.  Since then, our son has told us more than once that those cats - Hinata and her brother, Neji - have saved his life on more than one occasion through their unconditional love.  When he was depressed, they would crawl in the bed with him and not get out until he did, sometimes even forgoing eating until the depression passed.  People think that cats are not affectionate but that's simply not true.  

They may not be like dogs but they show their affection in definite ways.  Hinata loved our son and helped him through the worst time in his life.

When she was 3, she got cancer behind her eye. In an effort to show her our gratitude and to possibly save or extend her life, we contacted Dr. Caputo about the possibility of ozone therapy because it was difficult for her to breathe.  My husband built a chamber for her out of a very large, self-contained clear plastic bin, and drilled holes in the sides and fitted grommets into them for the 'intake'.  It worked perfectly and Hinata loved her treatments.  You could tell because sometimes she would relax in the bottom where the ozone was and sometimes she would stick her nose in the spot where the ozone was coming in to breathe.  We traveled from Orlando to treatments in Dunedin every week.  It was quite a trek but she was a great traveler.  

To make it possible, we converted the back of our SUV as her litterbox/play area.  Her type of cancer was a very aggressive type and we were rushing against the clock and the evil that cancer is to try to extend her life.  Eventually, we lost her to cancer but we have no doubt at all that the treatments she took made her life easier and probably extended her life a bit.  We lost that amazing cat but we're not at all sorry for the time, effort and the little bit of money we spent in our attempt to help her.  No effort to save those you love is ever wasted.   We did help her.  The treatments made her life while she was battling cancer easier as it gave her much needed oxygen and I have no doubt at all in my mind that she knew that we were trying our best to save her.  

Today, we have fond memories of her and I have very fond memories of our travels to/from Dunedin to visit Dr. Caputo.  Thank you, Dr. Caputo, for all your efforts and your awesome treatments for our very loved cat.  We can't tell you how much those efforts mean to us! You're the BEST!

Jake Barrett

At 8 years old my Shepadoodle Jake was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma in his liver and both kidneys and given 2-4 weeks to live.   I was devastated at the thought of losing him.  I reluctantly agreed to do the 6-month chemo protocol.  I also knew I wanted to do as many natural therapies as possible.  I was thrilled to find Dr. Caputo and all she had to offer Jake.  I instantly liked her.  She was very warm, caring and very gentle with Jake.  

We would do chemo on Mondays, acupuncture on Wednesdays and ozone on Thursdays.  I knew the ozone and acupuncture were key in helping his immune system and helping him to deal with the chemo.   Jake went in remission and I had him for another quality 1.5 years.

Jake felt best on his ozone days.  He actually loved getting it, he was so relaxed and comfortable and all day he was spunky and feeling good.  I know that the ozone and acupuncture definitely improved the quality and length of his life.

I highly recommend Dr. Caputo.  She was really there for me and Jake. She went above and beyond standard of care.  She is very knowledgeable and also helped us a lot with supplements that would help Jake.

Its a horrible and sad thing to go thru losing your best friend, but Dr. Caputo was a great support, help and friend.  I will be forever grateful to her for helping me to get another 1.5 years of quality life with Jake.

Bonnie Barrett 
Clearwater, FL

Joe Rivera

My name is Martin Rivera and my pet is Joe.  He is a Cherry Head Conjure that I've had a long time.  He's a great pet, and a great friend.  On January 31st 2017, I found him at the bottom of this cage. He was fluffed up and not as chipper as normal,
and I was very concerned because he is always a very happy bird.  I looked for information on line and it strongly suggested I take him to a vet for care, so I took him to an avian specialist at Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Pinellas Park, Florida.  I was lucky they saw him as an emergency patient.

After my visit, I had to leave him in the hospital.  They found he was underweight, and after they
did some blood tests and an x-ray, they determined he might have a mass or liver disease.  They wanted to make sure he stayed hydrated, so they gave him fluids by crop feeding him and gave him some antibiotics.  After two days of supportive care, he felt better, and I wanted to bring him back home.  I spoke with the doctor and he suggested that I continue to give them supportive care to help bring his weight up.  They wanted to do further tests to find out what was wrong with his liver.  He's a little bird and I didn't want to put him through that stress.  I wanted to find an alternative approach to help him.  


I'm familiar with Dr. Caputo through dancing, so I consulted her.  I use nutrition and supplements for myself, so I wanted to do the same for Joe.   She
informed me that she had some supplements that could help Joe’s liver, since she treats many dogs and cats with liver problems.  She gave me information to show the avian specialists about using these supplements with birds.  She would not do anything until I talked with them and got their approval.

I continued to crop feed him at home to help him
gain weight.  The two supplements were vital nutrients and vitamins, and support for Joe’s liver.  One product was called Amino B Plex and
the second product was Liquid Hepato.  The treatment was very effective and my bird gained strength and weight, and is happy and dancing again. He is eating on his own now, and he is not only chipper, but also a little overzealous.  I love it!   I thank Dr. Caputo very much for her care, love, and kindness for Joe.  She asked me about him every week when we danced together.  Her care of my bird is most appreciated.  I certainly would recommend her for your pet or
your friend's pet or anyone else's pet.

Martin Rivera

Joplin Pearl

I have a 10 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Joplin Pearl. She ran into some pretty severe health issues this last summer. She had a
stroke which led to a seizure and was unable to walk without falling over for a few months. She was very unhappy and not very alert most of the time. My mom’s dog had also had a bad health scare around that time and Dr. Caputo had saved
his life so I thought I’d have her look at Joplin too. She started giving Joplin ozone therapy every 2 weeks along with some vitamin support for her
heart and overall immune system. Joplin started being more stable on her feet and was way more alert. We kept up treatment and Joplin is now totally stable and able to run, jump and stand on her hind legs again. She is super happy with
bright beaming eyes and is like a puppy again. Thank you so much for saving not 1 but 2 of our floofers!

Joplin Pendry


On Christmas Day 2016, I was outside playing ball with my two-year old German Shepherd, Max.  As I watched him running back to me with the ball in his mouth, my eyes filled with tears. I realized that I had been given the best Christmas present I could ever have asked for: my dog was alive and well!!

Six months earlier Max become ill. He went from 72 lbs to 55 lbs. Despite numerous tests and remedies by a very caring vet, Max was not getting better and the vet was not able to find out what was actually wrong with him. When the proposed “handling” was to put him on drugs, I knew I needed a more holistic approach. That’s when I called Dr. Cheryl Caputo of Pet Health Alternatives.

While continuing the search to find the actual cause of Max’s illness, Dr. Caputo began treating Max with diet, supplements and acupuncture. His general appetite started to improve almost immediately. Dr. Caputo recommended doing an ultra-sound with an internal specialist which uncovered a situation requiring surgery. On the day of the surgery, I received a call explaining that the situation was so grave that they could not do the surgery and that my options were to have a biopsy done to identify what caused the internal damage or I could just put him to sleep. I had the biopsy done but refused to believe that Max could not be cured. This was about five months ago.

Dr. Caputo spent hours of her own time researching Max’s rare disease and designing his treatment plan which included diet, nutrition, acupuncture, the administration of immunotherapy and weekly treatments of ozone therapy. She closely monitored Max’s progress to ensure he was always improving. Between treatments, Dr. Caputo would call or text just to check in and see how Max was doing. She always made herself available to me if I needed her between treatments. This type of personal service was so helpful and appreciated and made all the difference in how I was able to deal with the situation. Quite honestly, I have never seen a veterinarian care as much about a pet and their owner as Dr. Caputo does.

Most importantly, Max is very much alive and well thanks to Dr. Caputo and the effective alternative treatments she used. He has steadily been gaining weight since beginning treatment and as of today is 64.4 lbs. I have absolutely no doubt that Max would not be alive today had it not been for Dr. Caputo.

Maureen O'Keefe 


Phoebe was a very special cat.  She was so fluffy, that it made her look like a round fur ball when she curled up.  Part of her history, was that she was a rescue cat, having been dropped out of a car with her kittens many years ago.  I will never understand such cruelty to animals.

That being said, she adjusted to a normal life as part of my family.  And that's where Dr. Caputo comes in.  The most amazing thing about Dr. Caputo is that she can read cats so well.  Even though we live a considerable distance apart, that did not stop her from helping and consulting.  I would tell her what was happening with Phoebe and she could hone in on just what to do.  She recommended some supplements for Phoebe that were very beneficial.  And the good thing is, Phoebe loved them and would crunch on them like a treat, so I didn't have to force her to take them.

I'd say one of the hardest things to deal with, is when your pet gets old and you know that you need the right plan and the right timing to ensure that your pet is comfortable.  Dr. Caputo has such compassion and love, that she made that process easier for me and Phoebe.  We had numerous consultations that eased my mind and helped me and Phoebe to live every moment together with happiness. I will always be thankful to have Dr. Caputo as a trusted friend and expert veterinarian. 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
Elaine Campion

Sascha Cassaras

Sascha, our thirteen year old Chinchilla Persian, was diagnosed with Vestibular Disease in 2014. After being administered medication, we were told this was a condition that she may have to live with for the remainder of her life due to her age.  It was heartbreaking to watch Sascha struggle with the equilibrium imbalance.  We decided to call Dr Caputo because she offered Alternative, Holistic Care with the convenience of home visits.  After one visit with Dr Caputo we were encouraged and hopeful.  Her gentle and professional manner afforded Sascha the care that she needed without the stress of travel to our traditional veterinarian.  With the supplements that Dr Caputo provided and recommended protocol, we were happy to see Sascha begin to improve.  Over the next few months, we witnessed the change in Sascha's quality of life that we had hoped for; her playfulness and engaging spirit returned.  We are forever grateful to Dr Caputo and would highly recommend her services and healing care.

Eva Cassaras and Valinda Coyle 


When my black Lab Trooper was 12,  I came home one day from work to find him on the floor unable to get up.  His legs just would not work. I was devastated. He was my buddy and the thought of him not being around was very hard.

I called Dr. Caputo and with her treatment Trooper regained his ability to move around again.  Part of the treatment Trooper received was acupuncture. This strengthened his back end tremendously. Trooper lived to be 16 and I thank Dr. Caputo for all of her care and help!

Jenny Kingdon 


Dr Cheryl Caputo is one of the most outstanding and caring vets I have encountered in my 50 years experience with many good vets for my pets. My eighteen year old cat Winkie is doing great thanks to the expert nutrition recommendations and clinical skills of Dr. Caputo. I am thrilled to have a trusted holistic vet of her caliber caring for my girl and highly recommend Dr. Caputo.

Virginia Baden
St Petersburg, FL


I have a dog, a most precious dog.

He suddenly went south. Quickly. Surely. In the closet, head in corner, would not eat.Went to the vet who did help.We put in a feeding tube - omg that was traumatic!  Pills for the heart, the liver, the this and the that.

Everything had pretty much gone to hell in a hand basket. I asked why this happened and they said, did you know that he is 105 years old?

I, obviously, had no such consideration.  He is my puppy. I asked if there was anything else we could do - acupuncture perhaps?

They told me about a holistic vet, Cheryl Caputo. She came over with her bag of tricks and toys and we started with acupuncture and ozone.

Within 3 weeks he was off the feeding tubes - although he has gotten very used to me sitting on the floor and hand feeding him :)

His eyes are bright, he does laps round the swimming pool after his ozone therapy, he plays, he howls and he growls and, best of all, he loves. He's back to being about 5 years old with older eyes.  But handsome and proud and always my best friend.

I want to acknowledge Dr. Caputo for her perseverance in knowing her tech and knowing that it works. She works with the medical vets as well and gets a fabulous product. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!
Nina Winters
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