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Watching your family pet struggle with an ongoing illness or injury, despite receiving treatment, can leave you feeling helpless. Fortunately, alternative care is now available through a variety of holistic pet care services. A growing number of veterinarians are using natural treatments that speed up the healing process without exposing your pet to the harmful side effects of some medicines and treatments.

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Acupuncture has been practiced in China for over 2,000 years.  It is the insertion of needles into particular points of the body where nerve bundles and blood vessels meet. Acupuncture needles are extremely small in diameter (about the size of a strand of hair) and are virtually painless, even for small pets.

Acupuncture can be performed to alleviate gastrointestinal problems, asthma, allergies, and musculoskeletal problems. Compared to modern medical treatments, the likelihood of side effects from properly performed acupuncture is minimal. If used in conjunction with more traditional medicine, acupuncture can increase or maintain your dog’s comfort throughout their life. Many owners find their beloved pets become relaxed or sleepy when treated with acupuncture. However, some animals experience tingling sensations from the treatment.

Aquapuncture is used in certain circumstances when additional stimulation is required. I perform aquapuncture usually with Vitamin B12. Moreover, I use LED light therapy on acupuncture points because this is more comfortable for pets who cannot tolerate needles.There is another form of acupuncture called electroacupuncture, which is used for pets with severe neck, back, or hip pain and even damaged intervertebral discs. It is used to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, when acupuncture alone is not enough.

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Homeopathy is the branch of medicine that follows the theory that conditions can be treated by boosting the body’s natural defense mechanisms. The aim of homeopathy in pet care is to encourage the body's natural recovery, as opposed to allopathic medicine, which uses prescription drugs to suppress symptoms.

Homeopathy is founded on the "Law of Similars" or that "like cures like.” In other words, to cure the disease, pets are given substances that produce conditions identical to those of the health problems they are suffering from.

For example, an animal suffering from an insect sting could experience pain and swelling. Homeopathic principles teach that applying a highly diluted amount of bee venom is going to make the pain and swelling go away. This treatment tends to stimulate the healing process because of the similarity it shares with the actual insect sting, in effect triggering the body to cure itself.

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I offer all routine tests as well as rabies titers and bionutritional analysis (BNA) which includes an individualized supplement program for your pet. I also recommend geriatric labs as a general screening for dogs (above age 9) and cats (above age 10).

I also perform testing for Vitamin D deficiencies. Correcting Vitamin D deficiencies strengthens the immune system, which naturally fights diseases including cancer. It also helps our furry friends age gracefully.

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Good nutrition is at the core of our health and wellness.  Included in the initial health analysis is a discussion of an appropriate diet plan. We use a variety of foods and dietary supplements to design the diet plan, while also taking into account the pet owner’s budget, lifestyle, willingness, as well as the pets’ age and health conditions.

We offer both herbal and glandular therapy to help animals overcome illness. Because animals instinctively eat plants and herbs when feeling ill, we use herbs and food as medicine to help animals return to normal health. In addition to herbal therapy, we may use glandular therapy, which deals with the feeding of the same tissues to promote healing in the affected organ, such as having liver tissues for liver failure or pancreatic tissues for problems with the pancreas.

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Why give your pets antibiotics when oxygen can treat diseases caused by bacteria?

A healthy body, for both pets and humans, eradicates toxins through oxidation before the toxins can reach dangerous levels. Oxidation breaks down the toxins into carbon dioxide, and then water removes them from the body. However, if the supply of oxygen within the body is insufficient, our bodies are unable to eliminate these toxins and a toxic response can occur. Ozone therapy is one of the most effective therapies for animals. The procedure brings oxygen to tissues, which boosts micro circulation and alleviates inflammation.

Ozone therapy is used to kill cancer cells, since cancer does not thrive in an oxygenated environment. Bacterial diseases such as leptospirosis, botulism, Lyme disease, and others can also be treated with this type of therapy.

In addition to adding oxygen to the body, ozone has a profound effect to enhance the oxygen carrying function of red blood cells, to active the body’s white blood cells which are the defense cells of the body, and to increase cellular metabolism by activating mitochondria inside cells so they generate more cellular energy for the body so all organs and systems can function at a higher level.

Pet Health Alternatives is certified to perform Ozone therapy—the only certified provider in the area.

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Prolozone therapy is a brand new approach to prolotherapy, now available at Pet Health Alternatives. Prolozone therapy yields astounding results by featuring a non-surgical approach that requires an injection of important healing substances followed by ozone injected into the joint. This treatment procedure is less painful than prolotherapy. Furthermore, it doesn't damage the tissue and results are normally seen within three or four treatments. Ozone has antibacterial properties so there is less chance of infection, yet another benefit as opposed to prolotherapy.

Prolozone therapy has been utilized throughout Europe for over 30 years but has only recently become widely performed in the U.S. It offers a high success rate with a relatively few, if any, complications.

Some animals need only mild sedation for prolozone therapy, while others are perfectly treatable without any sedation.

While prolozone therapy can be used to treat any injured joint, it is most commonly utilized to treat injured knee joints that have endured a torn cruciate or a torn meniscus.

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Good nutrition translates to good health. When it comes to the health and fitness of our pets, the most important factor is the food we feed them. Feeding your pets raw food has many advantages, including contributing to jaw/teeth and digestive health. But don’t exclusively feed your pets raw meat. There are many raw frozen or freeze dried diets available with meat and bone included: it is important to have the proper proportion of calcium and phosphorus. A raw diet is not for every pet, so speak with your veterinarian about what is best for yours.

I offer nutritional supplement consultations as well, giving your pets the optimum advantage in health through their diet. Dogs work and strengthen their jaws and teeth by chewing on meat fibers and bones. By gnawing on meaty bones, dogs eat at a slower pace, giving their stomachs plenty of time to reactivate gastric juices. This ensures that when the food reaches the stomach, it will be digested properly. In contrast, feeding pets commercial or ground food that requires little effort to consume trains pets to “gulp” down their food.  Often, this eating behavior leaves no time for digestive acids to be discharged, causing poor digestion and leads to irritation or indigestion.

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Most pets don’t pass on their own. They suffer from chronic illness and their quality of life deteriorates—some quickly and some slowly. Euthanasia is an option that will end their pain and suffering humanely.  

The majority of pet owners are faced with the decision of when is the right time to assist their best friend in this transition. It is a decision that breaks every pet lover’s heart. Getting through the imminent loss of a pet is already difficult to deal with, but it is even more heartbreaking when you have to make that decision. Whether you decide to continue caring for your pet at home or end their anguish through euthanasia, Pet Health Alternatives will give you expert advice and guide you through this end-of-life experience.

This service is done in the comfort of the pet’s home, eliminating a scary trip to a vet’s clinic. This is especially helpful for large dogs who struggle to get in and out of vehicles.

Whether it’s hospice or humane euthanasia, we will assist you every step of the way as you plan for your pet’s final days.

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I am a house call practice, so there is no hassle of transporting your pets to and from a clinic. I come to your place and examine the condition of your beloved pets. House call service is preferred by many people, especially cat owners and clinets with aged pets. Eliminate any pet anxiety or discomfort of travel by having me visit today!

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A healthy population of good bacteria inside your pet’s intestinal tract keeps its digestive system in excellent condition. If the percentage of bad-to-good intestinal bacteria gets out of balance, your four-legged friend might develop gastrointestinal conditions and a greater susceptibility to health problems.

Many diseases result from an unhealthy intestine. To remedy this, vets perform Microbiome Restorative Therapy (MBRT), the process of transplanting gut microbes from an animal in good shape to a sick one in order to restore optimal gastrointestinal health. The animal is then given high quality nutrition and digestive enzymes to promote a healthy home for the new microbiome. The microbiomes come from donor dogs or cats who lived in a chemical free home.

Other symptoms and health conditions that can be treated with MBRT include neurological issues, hypothyroidism, anxiety, skin conditions, Lyme disease, kidney and liver issues, chronic ear infections, as well as various types of cancers.

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In addition to its use in acupuncture, where it gives more comfort to your pets while their acupuncture points are stimulated, LED Light Thearpy is also an effective way to treat infections and help heal wounds. It is used to treat ligament injuries and stimulate stem cell production. Another major benefit of this therapy is it can safely be used around the eyes as opposed to cold laser therapy.

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When the best course of treatment for an animal’s condition calls for surgery or hospitalization, I can recommend specific colleagues who are highly trained to perform procedures such as spays, neuters, lacerations, growth removals, wound repairs, some eye procedures, dental cleanings and polishing, and dental extractions. However, holistic or complementary treatments can be used along with traditional treatments. They often complement each other to stimulate your pet’s system for more benefit than one therapy alone. Each case is different and needs to have an individualized treatment plan so your pet can gain the maximum benefit for the condition at hand. Acupuncture can be used for pain relief and to stimulate healing in tandem with conventional treatment for many commonly seen conditions.

In many cases, owners tend to forget about their pet's mouth until there is a smell or some difficulty chewing. It is advisable to have your pet’s mouth checked at each exam; definitely at least once a year to prevent the formation of plaque or tooth decay. It is also advisable to have cleanings once in awhile to prevent cats and little dogs from having severe dental diseases. At Pet Health Alternatives, I can offer dental tips and hygiene for pets of every size and age to slow down the formation of plaque inside the mouth. Connect with me to discover the best options for your pet today!

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If it is determined your pet needs these services, I can refer you to one of the hospitals I am associated with: the Day and Evening Pet Hospital in Palm Harbor or the Animal Hospital of Dunedin.

Tired of giving your pets prescription medicine? Pet Health Alternatives offers a better and healthier way to restore your pet's vitality.

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